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Mediclinic News : ‘Nursing excellence’ awardee acknowledged


‘Nursing excellence’ awardee acknowledged




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NETWERK24.COM Mediclinic believes that the role of nurses does not stop when they leave work - rather they continue to show the same care and attention to their families and those in their communities as they do during working hours. In appreciation of the invaluable role our nurses play, Mediclinic Pietermaritzburg is proud to recognise Enrolled­ Nurse Merzelle Meintjies, as the annual Nursing Excellence Award recipient. We highlight the role of our nurses on International Nurses’ Day, a day chosen as a global tribute to the profession that coincides with Florence Nightingale’s birthday. Mediclinic recognises the nurses who work tirelessly, care selflessly and exhibit the same dedication to patients­, which they do for their own families. “Mediclinic’s Nursing Excellence Award holds special significance because nominations are made by nursing peers for those who embody these values and ensure the best possible patient experience. “While not everyone can receive an award, I would like to extend my personal thanks to each nurse for making Mediclinic the world-class hospital it is. The amount that our nurses do and how they do it makes all the difference to their colleagues and patients,” said Estelle­ Coustas, Mediclinic Southern Africa nursing executive.
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