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Rate the healthiest medical scheme is SA




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BUSINESS REPORT Compare Wellness Medical Scheme (CompCare) has been rated the healthiest open medical scheme in South Africa by diversified financial services company GT C Healthcare (formerly Grant Thornton Capital). According to CompCare chairman Herman Odendaal, the scheme, which is administered by Universal Healthcare Administrators (Universal), attained a 100 percent score for financial sustainability. "This" he adds, "is a powerful endorsement of our winning formula." Last year three CompCare product options were listed among the 10 best-value medical scheme options by GTC - a first for a South African medical scheme. Universal's CEO Dr Johan Pretorius, says, "One of the greatest competitive advantages that any healthcare administrator could offer the schemes under its management is the ability to innovate to such a degree that value can literally be created from the smallest healthcare budget. "CompCare has taken value for money to a whole new level within the South African healthcare funding industry." The Universal Group provides healthcare services to more than three million lives in South Africa and abroad. Odendaal says CompCare makes sound financial sense for members wanting a scheme that will see them through thick and thin. "Choosing the best, most appropriate medical scheme is no small matter, considering the long-term consequences. "Against the background of an industry characterised by volatility, unaffordability and lack of growth, we have, together with Universal, focused on offering stability and peace of mind alongside innovative, affordable healthcare cover. "As is evident in our healthy reserves and, historically low contribution rate in-creases and excellent benefit enhancements." He emphasises that, despite historically low increases, the scheme has refrained from reducing benefits throughout the years. "The innovative product line-up reflects a scheme in touch with the needs of its membership base and there-fore able to offer unparalleled value for money." The scheme has grown by 27 percent since 2014. He ascribes this to a holistic approach to health and wellness. And adds, "In 2012 the scheme brought efficiency discounts to the market which allowed for reductions of between 16 percent on the Pinnacle and 26 percent on the Axis option for members using Dischem pharmacies and Netcare hospitals." These discounts translate into savings of between R8 364 to R18 780 a year for a family consisting of a principal member, one adult and a child. "This," Odendaal reveals, "is particularly well received by our corporate clients who are looking to add value to the financial packages offered to staff members across the board." Two years ago CompCare was first to market two innovative benefits - the Prescription Exercise Benefit and the Nutritional Benefit. These offer the opportunity to regularly consult accredited biokineticists and dieticians listed on the CompCare network, thereby dramatically improving their health and wellness through structured programmes under the guidance of nutrition and exercise specialists. Members who comply with the requirements of these benefits, which do not come from their day-to-day or savings benefits but from their risk benefit, can stand to gain, health wise, in the short and long term.
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