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Mediclinic News : Council for medical schemes told to present annual report to MPS first


Council for medical schemes told to present annual report to MPS first




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BUSINESS DAY LIVE The Council for Medical Schemes has unexpectedly postponed the public release of its annual report, after it was instructed at the 11th hour by the Department of Health to first present it to Parliament. "[The council] is a public entity and therefore must table the report in Parliament first. We believe that for [the council] to elect to release the annual report before tabling (it) to Parliament as a public entity is irregular," said Joe Maila, spokesman for Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi. Unlike most other statutory bodies, the council has historically presented its annual report to the media and industry before it tables it in Parliament. The council is the watchdog body for the medical schemes industry, charged with safeguarding consumers interests, and usually uses the media launch of its annual report to draw attention to particular aspects of the industry that it is concerned about. In previous years this has included issues such as the amount of money schemes were spending on administration and the remuneration of trustees and principal officers. This year the council is likely to face tough questions from the media about the solvency ratio of the Government Employees Medical Scheme, which hit the headlines last month over concern that its solvency ratio had plunged. It was due to release its annual report for the fiscal year 2015-16 at an event slated to begin at 11 on Thursday but on Wednesday evening the council issued a circular saying the media launch had been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. No immediate explanation was provided. On Thursday morning the council’s spokeswoman, Elsabé Conradie, said the delay in the release of the report was simply a procedural issue. The council had been instructed to postpone its media release of the report until after it had been presented to Parliament, she said.
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