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Outcry over healthcare budget cut




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NEW AGE The South African Society of Anaesthesiologists (Sasa) is up in arms over cuts to training budgets by provincial health departments despite a shortage of specialists in the country. The freezing of specialists' posts due to budget cuts in the healthcare sector will in the long term affect access to safer surgery, Sasa warned yesterday. CEO Natalie Zimmelman said the shortage of anaesthesiologists will have disastrous consequences. There are only 1100 specialists registered with Sasa, with nearly 900 in the private sector and about 200 to 250 in the public sector to serve the entire country. The health department said that there was a shortage of more than 1000 anaesthesiologists in the country in 2012. The organisation has decried the freezing of posts saying it will in the long term compromise training and capacity. "We do understand the government's push for primary healthcare, it is Outcry over healthcare budget cuts LERATO DIALE important and ultimately in the long term if you can get people more healthy to start with, the demand for tertiary health facilities will decrease," Zimmelman said. "The demand for tertiary has not yet decreased but the budgets are being cut at tertiary to make space for primary and the long term consequence of cutting posts at tertiary is that you are cutting training and capacity," she said. Zimmelman said despite the challenges, the organisation remained committed to engaging with the Department of Health.
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