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Mediclinic News : Denosa threatens non-payment of fees if nursing council fails to improve services


Denosa threatens non-payment of fees if nursing council fails to improve services




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TIMES LIVE Some 80 000 nurses may soon stop paying their practising fees if the South African Nursing Council (SANC) does not create better ways to collect this cash. The Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa (Denosa) said its members will march on the offices of SANC and the Department of Health in Pretoria next month‚ demanding a solution. Nurses from across the country have been travelling to SANC’s lone office in Pretoria for the annual renewal of their practicing licences‚ where they wait for service in long queues. Last week a KwaZulu-Natal woman collapsed in the queue as she waited to renew her license and the licences of some of her colleagues. Denosa said she died on arrival at the hospital but could not say what she died of. Those who elect to pay their fees through FNB may wait up to six months for their papers to be delivered‚ during which their employers may dismiss them for being unlicensed‚ Denosa said. If a solution for the poor servicing of nurses is not found urgently‚ Denosa will urge its 80 000 members to withhold payment of their 2018 fees. It said its members are spending so much money‚ energy and time traveling to SANC from all provinces if they are to get their receipt on time‚ which should not be the case in this day and age of technological advancement. Nurses face losing their jobs because of delays in receiving certificates after paying their annual fees. Denosa suggested SANC deduct its fees directly from the salaries of government employees‚ with permission‚ and demanded the council opens provincial offices. Lastly‚ it said, online payments should at least be created as soon as possible. The council rakes in at least R120-million in fees a year from 220 000 nurses and 73 000 nursing assistants. Denosa is also taking SANC on for failing to appoint a permanent registrar since the departure of Tendani Mabuda more than a year ago, and for its poor communication channels. A year ago, SANC presented its plan for a feasibility study for the establishment of regional offices at the South African Nurses’ Conference. Denosa said it has made use of its regional offices available to SANC. It is appealing to Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi to help SANC get its act in order.
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