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Mediclinic News : Nurses battle to get the practice certificates they need to keep their jobs


Nurses battle to get the practice certificates they need to keep their jobs




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BUSINESS DAY Nurses face endless delays in being sent their practice certificates after paying annual fees and must often travel far to get the certificate so they can keep their jobs. Though they are often said to be the health system’s frontline‚ nurses say the way the SA Nursing Council treats them shows the government does not respect them. The annual professional payment system is not yet online and the 220 000 nurses and 73 000 nursing assistants must pay via FNB and fax proof of payment to the office. Then certificates are posted to them, but many say they never arrive. Nurses‚ who do not get their licences‚ must travel to the only nursing council office in the country to get it. Using the number of nurses in the country recorded on the council website and the annual fees‚ it has been established the council rakes in at least R120-million in fees a year. THE TIMES visited the council offices and found hundreds of nurses queuing for their documents in hot offices with a broken air-conditioner. A woman collapsed while waiting and was taken away by ambulance. One nurse asked where the nursing council money went. Council chairwoman Busisiwe Bhengu said nurses did not need to fax proof of payment to the offices. But THE TIMES has documentation from the council instructing nurses to do so. Bhengu said employees could check if nurses were registered using the electronic register‚ but many nurses said the state required hard documents. Bhengu said if they paid in time‚ the council would not have to post their annual practising certificates at the busiest time for the post office. She said the council held outreach days in all provinces making it easier to pay.
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