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Mediclinic News : SANC ‘threatens’ Denosa


SANC ‘threatens’ Denosa




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THE NEW AGE The South African Nursing Council has threatened to take legal action against the Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa (Denosa) for what it calls malicious and callous statements made by the organisation. This after it claimed a nurse collapsed last month while queuing to renew her licence at the council’s only office in Pretoria. She later died in hospital, Denosa said. Acting registrar of the SANC Sizeni Mchunu said the council took exception to statements made by the organisation’s spokesperson. “The statement is devoid of fact. The SANC states no person has ever passed away within the boundaries of its premises and certainly not due to long queues and drawn out processes. “The onus is on Denosa to produce documentary evidence supporting its allegation,” Mchunu said. The council has given Denosa 24 hours to issue a formal apology and to retract “false statements” against it. Denosa said it’s awaiting feedback on its request for a meeting with SANC to discuss “pressing nursing issues”. “Denosa owes SANC no apology or evidence and they are at liberty to exercise their legal right,” Denosa secretary general Oscar Phaka said. Last year the Young Nurses Indaba marched to SANC demanding among other things that the council decentralise its office and establish offices in all nine provinces to allow nurses to register there. The council said it has put in place short-term measures to ensure a smooth registration and has appealed for understanding from its members. Mchunu has also called on Denosa to produce evidence it has offered the council space at its offices for registration.
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