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HMI Public Hearings Announced




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MEDICAL CHRONICLE The Health Market Inquiry into the Private Healthcare Sector (HMI) is about to enter the final public hearings phase of the investigative process. The Chairperson of the HMI, Justice Sandile Ngcobo, provided progress on the HMI at a media and stakeholder session held on 14 January in Pretoria. First launched in May 2014, Justice Ngcobo said that although the information assessment and analytical phase is ongoing, the panel is ready to commence with public hearings. The HMI had received a total of 60 registrations from stakeholders to participate in the public hearings, following two registration periods. The HMI intends to conduct six sets of public hearings over the period, 16 February to 9 June 2016. The first set of hearings will commence on 16 February and conclude on 10 March 2016. These will be held in four provinces: Pretoria (16 - 18 Feb) Durban (23 - 25 Feb) East London (1 - 3 March) Cape Town (8 - 10 March) These hearings were preceded by prehearing consultations with stakeholders, which took place from 26 - 29 January 2016. "The public hearings will commence with a general session, which is intended to set the scene for the hearings. During this session and the following sessions making up the first set of hearings, we would like to hear from all stakeholders in the private healthcare sector, which includes consumers and consumer groups; service providers comprising hospital groups and practitioners; funders and financiers, which include brokers, schemes, administrators and managed care organisations; regulators and policy makers," said Justice Ngcobo in a statement. The chairperson said the purpose of the session is to gain an understanding of how these groups interact with one another as well as their experience in interacting with one another. He also emphasised that the inquiry is not Litigation, but rather an inquisitorial process to Look into the state of competition in the private healthcare sector, identify any impediments and make recommendations to remedy them. The further five sets of sessions will be conducted 29 March to 9 June. These sessions will focus on specific aspects of competition issues, such as availability of information about private healthcare services; competitive dynamics among funders and service providers and the impact regulatory framework on competition among sector stakeholders. All non-confidential transcripts of the HMI public hearings is available to the public. A detailed schedule of public hearings is be available on the websites: www.compcom.com
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