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NHI fund to be established




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THE NEW AGE Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan on Wednesday said a National Health Insurance (NHI) fund is set to be established in 2017. Gordhan said the focus of the fund will “improve access to a common set of maternal health, ante-natal services, family planning services and expand the integrated school health programmes, including provision of spectacles and hearing aids. ”It will improve services for people with disabilities, the elderly and mentally ill patients, including provision of wheelchairs and other assertive devices,” he said. In establishing the fund, the Minister said various funding options will be looked at. ”This includes possible adjustments to the tax credit on medical scheme contributions,” Gordhan said. He added that further details will be provided in the adjustments of the budget in October this year. Gordhan also highlighted government’s commitment to increasing investment towards health promotion targeting non-communicable diseases. “An additional R885 million has been added to support the implementation of the universal test-and-treat policy for HIV and R600 million for the commissioning of the new Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital,” he said.
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