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Mediclinic News : Abu Dhabi drags Mediclinic down


Abu Dhabi drags Mediclinic down




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REUTERS.COM International healthcare operator Mediclinic is lobbying the Abu Dhabi government to rethink a change in medical insurance rules that has damaged its business after it bet big on acquiring Al Noor Hospitals, its regional chief executive said. At least two other healthcare companies operating in Abu Dhabi are also in talks with authorities, seeking a reversal or amendment to the reform Mediclinic frets over UAE reform Reuters that reduces state insurance coverage for citizens using private hospitals, according to two industry sources who declined to be named. Abu Dhabi has cut insurance coverage under its Thiqa plan to 80 percent from 100 percent, meaning patients have to pay 20 percent of bills if they seek treatment at private hospitals. The rule started last July — at the worst possible time for Mediclinic as it had just bought Al Noor for about $1.7 billion. Go to www.busrep.co.za
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