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Mediclinic News : Mediclinic opens new emergency centre


Mediclinic opens new emergency centre




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NEWS24.COM Mediclinic Pietermaritzburg made history recently when it opened the first private Emergency Centre in KwaZulu-Natal which will be run by two emergency medicine specialists, Dr Sandy Inglis and Dr Daniel Fiandeiro, from today, 1 March. Speaking at the launch event, hospital manager Henk Laasky said that Mediclinic want to be the hospital of choice to people both in the city and beyond. “We want to be the number one choice for the Pietermaritzburg community. We want them to have complete peace of mind and to know that they will get the best care in town with us,” he said. Inglis, who has his roots in Pietermaritzburg but worked overseas for many years and has been heading the emergency unit at Edendale Hospital for the last four years, has moved to head the Mediclinic EC. “I am grateful to Mediclinic for having the faith in us to bring emergency care to Pietermaritzburg. Having emergency specialists heading an emergency centre should be the norm but sadly this is not the case. “Our emergency centre will not only cater for injuries but will cater across the board from asthma to heart problems, diabetes and the like; it’s not solely focused on trauma. We want to raise the bar on emergency care in Pietermaritzburg, we want to be at the head of the change,” said Inglis. Mediclinic has a long history of quality emergency care and with Inglis and Fiandeiro on board; the facility is further aligned with worldwide emergency care and standards. With 20 years Emergency Medicine specialist experience between them, the intention is to continue raising the bar on the quality of private emergency care provided, ensuring good value emergency medical and trauma care. Fiandeiro, originally from Gauteng spent the last two years fine tuning his skills in the United Kingdom but completed his specialist training in Pietermaritzburg. He is familiar with the local community and is committed to giving them the best emergency care possible. “I’m excited to see what we can do at Mediclinic. We want to provide world class care which is what emergency care is supposed to be like and how it’s supposed to be done,” he said.
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