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Mediclinic News : Mercy op for severe keloids by world-renowned surgeon


Mercy op for severe keloids by world-renowned surgeon




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IOL World-renowned plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr Frank Graewe recently completed complicated surgery to remove severe keloids from a patient who has been unable to work for more than a year due to his condition. Aaron Hairundu, a patient from Windhoek, suffered from severe keloids that left him unable to work as employers were reluctant to hire him. Hairundu was in extreme pain due to the severity of his condition. He had an intricate operation in Cape Town last month, performed by Graewe, and is recovering well. “Aaron’s keloids were extremely severe and covered the majority of his upper body. He was in a lot of pain and hasn’t been able to work for the past year,” Graewe said. “We removed as much of the scar tissue as possible, and he will undergo radiation therapy to decrease the chance of the keloids returning.” Keloids is the body's abnormal response to injury, and the scar tissue continues to grow beyond its normal bounds. The condition is difficult to treat as there is a very high risk of the keloids returning. Treatment usually begins with steroid or cortisone injections into the affected area to try to control the abnormal growth. Only in severe cases is surgery recommended. “Due to the severity of Aaron’s case, surgery was the only treatment option available,” Graewe said. “We're hopeful that with the combination of the surgery and radiation therapy, his results will be successful. His surgery was very intricate. Due to the extent of his keloids, there was very little excess skin left to suture, so we had to use skin grafts.” Hairundu was able to undergo the surgery at the Louis Leipoldt Mediclinic in Bellville due to the generosity of three Namibian sponsors who covered his air ticket and accommodation. “Aaron’s surgery was a success and we're happy with the results at this stage. Only time will tell whether he will require follow-up surgery,” Graewe said.
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