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Anti-forces against nhi condemned




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NEW AGE One would ask why there are anti-forces brewing brouhaha against the National Health Insurance (NHI) model which the government of the day through the Department of Health, intends to roll out to our people, especially the poorest of the poor. Should I remind the anti-forces that healthcare is a human right and this is a widely accepted international principle and this right should not depend on how rich we are or where we happen to live. The right to obtain healthcare is written into our Constitution. The truth is that those who are opposing this noble direction are those who have unlimited financial resources, especially the private hospital sector players, who want to continue making more profits through their exorbitant service costs, while the health of poorest of the poor is in bad state. National Health Insurance is a health system that seeks to provide access to quality and affordable healthcare services for all South Africans based on their health needs irrespective of their socio-economic status and as such the call against this noble move is uncalled for and anti-social in many ways. Britain is a practical example of such a model doing wonders for its population, the National Health Service (NHS) which has been implemented since the 1940s and the British have nothing but praise for this system. The Britons claim that through the NHS, 1 million people gain access to healthcare every 36 hours. Funding for the NHS comes directly from taxation. Since the NHS transformation in 2013, the NHS payment system has become underpinned by legislation. The Health and Social Care Act 2012 moves responsibility for pricing from the Department of Health to a shared responsibility for NHS England and NHS Improvement. Clearly capitalism is a wicked system to some extent, this can benefit our people who are drowning in poverty. Martin Luther King, Jnr was undoubtedly on point when he said: "Capitalism forgets that life is social. And the kingdom of brotherhood is found neither in the thesis of communism nor the antithesis of capitalism, but in a higher synthesis." Our people continue to die prematurely and to suffer unnecessarily from poor health. Treatable conditions are not being treated on time and preventable diseases are not being prevented. The notion from many of the oppositions is that the NHI will compete with healthcare providers, which is not a case in this instance. Should I remind them that healthcare is about saving lives and NHI is simply there to provide options, so that even those who have limited healthcare resources will be catered for. It's very sad that we now live in a society where professionals have all become fully commercialised. It's no longer about service to humanity but profit. Medicine is now a trade like any other, where only those with resources are able to acquire quality healthcare. My call is that commercialisation of healthcare at the expense of the poor must fall and we must support the NHI. Now is the time for the poor to also have quality healthcare and good healthcare professionals. What we must strive for is a more equitable system of healthcare services distribution. National Health Insurance is envisioned as a financing mechanism that will move us towards universal health coverage and it will have a significant impact on access to healthcare for all South Africans. NHI is aimed at ensuring that all South Africans, irrespective of their socio-economic status have access to quality healthcare irrespective of their socio-economic status, health services are delivered equitably, the population does not pay for accessing health services at the point of use and that the population has financial risk protection against catastrophic health expenditure. The NHI will also realise what the National Development Plan envisions in 2030, a health system that works for everyone that produces positive health outcomes and is accessible to all. The ultimate aim of the NHI is to provide the population of South Africa with free healthcare when they need it, to encourage the expansion of primary healthcare services, to create fairness in the sharing of skilled healthcare professionals, healthcare finances and other resources. The government aims to achieve a healthier nation, where people live longer and suffer less. When it comes to financing, we should not get caught up in terminology. Worldwide National Health Insurance or schemes are classified according to functions and policies for collection, pooling and purchasing. Tshepo Seloana, editor at HPCSA. She writes in her personal capacity.
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