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DAILY SUN The provincial health department has partnered with Mediclinic to bring robotic surgery to patients in the Western Cape. Durbanville urologist Dr Gawie Bruwer will use the Da Vinci robot to perform surgical procedures on 10 prostate cancer patients at Tygerberg Hospital. The robotic surgical system, designed by American company Intuitive Surgical, allows surgeons to see the prostate and its surrounding tissue in high definition. Using the system reduces the need for blood transfusions and decreases the risk of wound infection. "Patients will not be charged and they can go home after the surgery is done," said Dr Bruwer. "The robot's precision aids the thorough removal of cancerous tissue. It also gives doctors the ability to perform nerve sparing surgery, which enables a faster return of erectile function as well as a better chance for urinary restraint." The initiative, which was launched in November, will reduce the number of people on the surgery waiting list at public health facilities. Western Cape Health MEC Nomafrench Mbombo said the department wants to provide quality healthcare to all residents. She thanked Mediclinic for extending its collaborative surgeries programme to Tygerberg Hospital. "The partnership seeks to strengthen the working relationship between private and public hospitals. "We are working together to change people's lives," said Mbombo. She said the department is working with partners in the private sector to create a better healthcare system for Western Cape residents. Mbombo said the collaboration allows patients to benefit from increased access to the additional capacity available in Mediclinic facilities as well as the talent of the surgeons practising in their hospitals. Mediclinic Southern Africa CEO Koert Pretorius said the collaboration is about more than shortening long public sector waiting lists. "Our aim is to touch and save lives," he said. Pretorius said he was aware of the shortage of doctors and nurses in the country and understood how it could hamper the public sector's ability to deliver care. However, he told the People's Paper that the initiative has given them the opportunity to reach beyond their traditional patient base.
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