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Mediclinic News : Da vinci brings cutting-edge surgery to hospitals


Da vinci brings cutting-edge surgery to hospitals




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CAPE TIMES Da Vinci brings cutting-edge surgery to hospitals Staff Writer TEN patients on Tygerberg Hospital's urology waiting list will receive cutting-edge prostate surgery thanks to a partnership between Mediclinic and the provincial health department. The lifesaving prostatectomy surgeries are the latest in a sequence of collaborations between Mediclinic and a number of provincial health departments. The pro bono procedures reduce the pressure on public surgical waiting lists at local and regional public hospital facilities. These procedures will also help broaden access to quality health care for many South Africans as part of a private public initiative PPI. Introduced to Mediclinic Durbanville several years ago, this robotic surgery has already provided remarkable benefits to patient recovery. "The precision of the da Vinci aids the thorough removal of cancerous tissue as well as offering the ability to perform nerve sparing surgery which enables a faster return of erectile function, as well as a better chance for urinary continence. "I firmly believe that this technology is giving patients the option of improved clinical outcomes that may not be possible with open surgery" said Dr Gawie Bruwer. Bruwer is a urologist at Mediclinic Durbanville and one of only 17 surgeons in South Africa who are accredited to operate the da Vinci Surgical System. Anaesthesiologist Dr Gerry Brynard will also assist with the procedure on a pro bono basis as a result of his specialised experienced regarding robotic anaesthesiology. The most recent series of collaborations have been carried out in the Western Cape, Free State and Limpopo, with a number of other provinces still being discussed. Operations included cataract, urology and tympanoplasty eardrum repair procedures. Provincial Health MEC Nomafrench Mbombo said: "The partnership is also about strengthening our working relationship between private and public hospitals, and working together to change the lives of our people. "We are taking hands with our partners in the private sector in seeking a better health future for all the people of the Western Cape and SA."
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