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Mediclinic News : Healthcare workers are to be paid and to be kept on


Healthcare workers are to be paid and to be kept on




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REKORD Community healthcare CHW workers' jobs are no longer under threat. The Gauteng department of health confirmed this week that their services would not be terminated and that workers would be paid their stipends. The CHWs were not paid last month. The department expressed regret, blaming technical glitches in the payment system. These had since been sorted out. "The payments will be made early next week," said the department. It sought to assure people that CHW services were central to health promotion and community based services. It said the services were important, as they strengthened primary healthcare and national health insurance. "These services will not be terminated as rumoured," it stated. The role of the CHWs included providing health education, counselling and visiting patients and the elderly at their homes. "Through this programme, the department aims to empower communities to optimise wellness, encourage early referral to clinics and also to reduce long queues in health facilities through the community based chronic medicine distribution services."
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