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Mediclinic News : Nursing students locked out over protests


Nursing students locked out over protests




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NEW AGE Students have been locked out at Ann Latsky Nursing College in Johannesburg for protesting over the non-delivery of books for their academic year, the Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa Denosa said. The organisation's secretary, Dimakatso Sebopa, said the non-delivery of books had been on the agenda since last year. "We realised by June that students had not been provided with their study material, it happened until September and the students were due to write examinations in October," Sebopa said. "So students had to improvise." She said the organisation thought things would change this year but four months into the year, the students had still not received anything. "They have not provided students with what should have been provided to them long ago," Sebopa said. Denosa said it fully supported the ongoing protest by student nurses at the college which began on Monday. Denosa's spokesperson, Sibongiseni Delihlazo, said: "We call on the department of health to seriously reconsider the disastrous bursary system that it has implemented without any success." Delihlazo said since the bursary system was introduced, students had been disadvantaged. "Under the current bursary system, the department undertook to provide students with notepads which would be loaded with e-books. "But in the few instances where those notepads were provided, they did not have the e-books which left students in limbo," Delihlazo said. Denosa said the harsh implementation of this bursary system was compromising the quality of education that the students were receiving and the department was the main cause of that. "Denosa would once again like to plead with the health minister to intervene in this ongoing disaster before the emotions of students run to uncontrollable levels." Delihlazo said.
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