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Mediclinic News : Vaccine 'still best guard against flu'


Vaccine 'still best guard against flu'




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CAPE ARGUS When Stormers coach Robbie Fleck said the ranks of his team were dramatically thinned by a "hectic strain of flu", it prompted Netcare Travel Clinics and Medicross to say the influenza vaccine still offered the best protection. Dr Pete Vincent of the Netcare travel clinics and Medicross Tokai family medical and dental centre said although the flu season was only just starting in South Africa, a number of people have already contracted it. "The countries within the northern hemisphere, such as the United States, have had a relatively severe 201718 flu season. That is usually an indication that we may also have a bad flu season here in South Africa during our upcoming winter months," said Vincent. "If you consider that flu related complications result in the death of between a 6 000 to 11 000 South Africans every year, and thousands of economically productive hours are lost as a result of the illness, we would argue that every flu season is severe, particularly for those who are more at risk," he said. 'All South Africans who want to protect themselves and their families this upcoming flu season, which is usually considered to run from April through to August, should consider having a flu shot. "The influenza vaccine is still considered by healthcare authorities the world over, including our National Institute of Communicable Diseases, to offer individuals and communities the best protection available against influenza. "And, for those who are at high risk of developing potentially serious complications such as pneumonia, the vaccine should be mandatory," Vincent added.
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