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NHI piloting progress applauded




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AFRO VOICE The KwaZulu-Natal department of health has said that they are pleased with the progress made in the three districts piloting the National Health Insurance NHI scheme. This follows a visit to the Zululand district by health MEC Dr Sibongiseni Dhlomo and head of department Dr Musa Gumede. The visit was the second leg the department's roadshow on the NHI. The first roadshow was at Uthukela district, followed by the Zululand district. The NHI is presently being piloted at the Amajuba, UMzinyathi and Umgungundlovu districts. Dhlomo said the purpose of the visit on the day was to give feedback to communities on NHI progress, as well as outlining the government plans to help reduce the burden of diseases in KZN and also further improve access to quality healthcare, especially for the poor. "Our purpose for this visit is thus to actually update and give a report back to our citizens, various stakeholders, leaders in various communities, amakhosi, izinduna chiefs, headmen on the progress already made as well as to table future plans and endeavours. "I think this issue is actual fundamental revolutionary in terms of the health services in the world, and we are following many other countries who have adopted this programme. We consider it important to really keep people up to date in terms of these processes." While giving feedback on impact of the NHI in the province Dhlomo said UMzinyathi district with its 20 GPs attended to 13 819 clients between April and December 2017. While UMgungundlovu district, which has 31 GPs, attended to 45 984 patients and Amajuba district followed suit with 12 contracted GPs attending to 16 908 clients. The departments said they have noted that many people are already beginning to have access to better healthcare service in KwaZulu-Natal since the province started piloting the National Health Insurance in 2012. This despite people people's economic backgrounds as many had been pushed into extreme poverty because they have to pay for healthcare. Dhlomo said although there's still much work to be done in terms of health managers and staff at hospitals and clinics are better trained and equipped, and facilities at the three pilot sites. Presently district clinical specialists teams of which 46 are already on the ground across the province. This also includes 192 school health teams; 124 wardbased outreach teams as well as contracted general practitioners and pharmacy assistants who for the first time visited the clinics.
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