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NHI bill passed by cabinet




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MED BRIEF AFRICA Cabinet has finally approved the National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill to be published in the Government Gazette for public comment. According to a media statement issued by Cabinet over the weekend, the “Bill seeks to establish the NHI Fund of South Africa, as a public entity, so as to provide for a sustained universal health access that is affordable and of high quality.” It also sets out its functions, powers and duties. “The Bill provides a framework for the active purchasing of healthcare services by the fund on behalf of users and creates mechanisms for the equitable, effective and efficient use of the resources of the fund to meet the health needs of users,” the statement says. Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi is expected to hold a media briefing this week to give more details of the Bill. The Bill is expected to be gazetted with the Medical Schemes Amendment Bill that was approved by Cabinet last month. The passing of the NHI Bill comes amidst a flurry of denials by the Department of Health that the public sector was collapsing with its Office of Health Standards Compliance yesterday telling the media those public health facilities were still able to deliver services despite its 2016-2017 Inspection report showing that most facilities were not complying with core health standards. Business Day reports this morning that it understands from several independent sources that the NHI Bill “closely follows the second NHI White Paper released in 2017”, which didn’t provide details on how the NHI will be funded, the benefits that will be covered and payment and contractual arrangements with private healthcare providers. According to the NHI White Paper, the NHI Fund in consultation with the Minister will be determining its own pricing and reimbursement strategies with uniform tariffs for healthcare providers being proposed.
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