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FA NEWS Diverse, innovative benefit design strikes a chord with corporates and individuals “Value, sustainability and choice are among the most important attributes companies and individuals look for when choosing a medical scheme,” says Josua Joubert, principal officer of CompCare Wellness Medical Scheme. “Companies have employees with differing needs and if everyone within the company can find the perfect product option to fit their lifestyle, needs and pocket within a single medical scheme, it is not only ideal but also highly cost-effective.” “We pride ourselves on a customer-centric approach and a value proposition that provides a blend of affordability, choice and benefit richness underpinned by a personalised approach. With a range of seven options on offer, it is as easy to choose the ideal product for the managing director as it is for a junior employee on a tight budget.” “Any company looking to bring healthcare to its workforce would do well to consider CompCare, as the scheme is not only well placed to provide attractive savings but also a diverse, benefit-rich range of products to accommodate every income level,” adds Joubert. “A leading medical schemes survey has consistently ranked CompCare among the top ten medical schemes in terms of longevity and sustainability. CompCare truly stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to providing value for money particularly in the mid- and low-cost range.” The scheme has worked hard to keep contribution increases as low as possible for 2019. The contribution increase rate, which comes off a historically low base, is 9.9% across all options, while benefits remain attractive and provide solid healthcare cover for every stage of life. While the scheme has comprehensive products available for those looking for all the ‘bells and whistles’, many of the product options are also highly appealing to young, healthy adventure seekers and students, whose needs differ substantially. “The standard Axis option, marketed as a hospital plan with a difference, offers a premium and comprehensive private hospital benefit plan with post-operative rehabilitation, as well as child, chronic and wellness benefits,” notes Joubert. “The UniSave option has been developed specifically with younger people in mind, offering the most competitive and comprehensive hospital plan which comes with a 25% savings benefit and flexible, discretionary spending ability.” According to Joubert, it is a point of pride for CompCare that it is one of few medical schemes to cover all costs relating to sports injuries, including injuries sustained when participating in extreme and adventure sports. “We are fully in the corner of extreme and adventure sports enthusiasts and this includes everyone from professional athletes to weekend thrill seekers.” The scheme also provides Efficiency Discount (ED) products across most of its options. These offer discounted premiums of up to 25% with the proviso that Dis-Chem Pharmacies are used for chronic medication and Netcare hospitals are chosen for elective procedures. CompCare encourages an active, healthy lifestyle and provides members with access to accredited biokineticists and dietitians. The scheme also has an Emotional Wellness Benefit with unlimited telephonic counselling and referrals for one-on-one counselling. “In order to deliver services and benefits that stand head and shoulders above other medical schemes, CompCare partners with Universal, an administrator that has established itself as a leader in providing evidence-based, integrated healthcare services,” says Joubert.
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