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Mediclinic News : NHI BILL’S FATAL FLAW







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CAPE ARGUS - PAGE 8 SPOTLIGHT Since the National Health Insurance Bill was introduced to Parliament on August 8, the debate about the plan, which promises to fundamentally change health care in South Africa, has heated up. The latest version of the bill proposes only limited access to healthcare services for population groups such as asylum seekers and undocumented migrants. Currently, refugees, asylum seekers and undocumented migrants from SADC states legally enjoy the same health benefits as South Africans, including being means tested to determine the level of state subsidisation of the cost of their health care services. This is however, not always true in reality as can be seen through a growing number of reported cases of migrants allegedly being refused access to health care services on the basis of their citizenship. Recently, a woman of Zimbabwean origin was allegedly refused care at Mamelodi Hospital and consequently lost her child at birth. A similar incident was reported to have occurred at the same hospital in January. Over the years, civil society organisations such as SECTION27 and Lawyers for Human Rights have assisted a number of migrants who are denied access to healthcare services in public hospitals to receive care as required by law.
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